TEST : Online - 10. Sınıf food and festivals testi

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Online - 10. Sınıf food and festivals konu testi çöz.


1 - 6. sorularda, cümleyi tamamlamak için uygun gelen sözcük veya ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Every summer, water sports festival - - - - on Van Lake.

A) hold
B) holds
C) is held
D) are hold
E) being held


Bread is - - - - of wheat by bakers.

A) changed
B) cooked
C) bought
D) made
E) make


This author's stories - - - - by lots of people.

A) writes
B) are read
C) will read
D) are listening
E) didn't understand


Various dance shows are - - - -.

A) performed by the children
B) describes the amusement
C) interested by the author
D) watching on television
E) examined by doctors


Mark : What do you know about children's festival on 23rd April?
Clare : - - - -.

A) People go out and taste the local food at weekends
B) It is first day of year and generally cold and snowy
C) My father told me but I don't remember when it is
D) It is celebrated all around Turkey by children
E) You can buy what you want on a bazaar


Jack : Is Steve a popular student at school?
Mary : - - - -.

A) No, he is not a cook, maybe he is unemployed
B) He should have studied more to get over it
C) Maybe, but being rich t so much important
D) I don't remember people's names easily
E) Yes, he is liked by everybody


Terry : Why do you prefer wearing casual clothes?
Susan : Because I - - - -.

A) can't afford buying informal dresses
B) will attend an important meeting
C) have never tried new sneakers
D) feel more comfortable in them
E) am fond of black suits and tie


Salesman : Hi, - - - -?
Customer : I'm looking for a t-shirt.

A) what about this one
B) how can I help you
C) how are you today
D) what size are you
E) what is it like


(I) Window-shopping is a kind of habit for some people. (II) These people spend hours looking at the goods without intending to purchase anything. (III) Window shoppers sometimes gaze at the shop windows because they are really interested in some goods. (IV) People sometimes face with expired products when they do online shopping. (V) Another reason they look at the windows that they are considering where they will buy when they decide to buy.

Soruda verilen metinde numaralanmış cümlelerden anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi işaretleyiniz.

A) I       B) II       C) III
D) IV       E) V


10 - 12. sorularda, boşluklara uygun düşen ifadeyi aşağıda verilen parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

There are several reasons why I prefer online shopping. First, online stores have more product range than local stores. Then, they are never closed, so I can shop
whenever I want. Another advantage of online shopping is that they sell at really low prices because they don't have operating costs like water, electricity, heating and employees. And finally, I don't need to drive to the stores, so I save on gas and parking bills as well.

The author prefers online shopping because - - - -.

A) the products are more qualified
B) he doesn't like the policy of local stores
C) the products in online stores are cheaper
D) he can't trust the salespeople in local stores
E) he doesn't have a car to drive to local stores


We can understand from the passage that - - - -.

A) advertising is a real problem for the local stores
B) online stores are open at any time of the day
C) the number of online stores is increasing
D) online stores have limited product range
E) the author owns a local store himself


The title for the text is - - - -.

A) Benefits of Online Shopping
B) Ways of Shopping Cheaper
C) Try the Items Before Buying
D) If You Have Money, Buy It
E) Problems of Local Stores