TEST : Online - 11. Sınıf İngilizce hard times testi

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Online - 11. Sınıf İngilizce hard times testi çöz.


1-6. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

He was a loser and he felt disappointed ________ the publishers didn’t receive his works.

A) before
B) then
C) when
D) while
E) first


The doctor doesn't want to ________ antibiotics as he thinks they have more negative effects than positive ones.

A) apply
B) bully
C) embarrass
D) prescribe
E) highlight


He was having financially hard times ________.

A) when he starts performing in public concerts
B) before he became a famous actor
C) because he is such a bad loser
D) while he is working as a broker
E) as his wife has always supported him


________ as there were no buildings then.

A) People used to live in caves in ancient times
B) Ancient people used to hunt wild animals
C) Most people were engaged in farming in the past
D) There were some paintings on the walls
E) Farmers used different kinds of tools


After Mike lost his job, ________.

A) he had suffered from dyslexia
B) he was working at the comedy clubs
C) he had started to work at a textile factory
D) he was a bright student at school
E) his children had to drop out of school


While Sally was walking to school, ________.

A) she had prepared a big dinner
B) she came across her classmate
C) she is reading the daily news
D) she will take a business trip
E) she is going to call her friends


In order to develop a country, the number of people who are unable to read and write should be reduced.

Which option is emphasized in the sentence above?

A) Discrimination
B) Disability
C) Failure
D) Illiteracy
E) Racism


I went back to office when I recovered from the flu.

Verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

A) When I caught the flu, I was at the office not in bed.
B) While I was trying to get rid of the flu, I went on working, too.
C) After I had recovered from the flu, I went back to the office.
D) Although I was suffering from the flu, I went to the office to work.
E) Before I had the flu, I was working at the office.


(I) It was a stormy and rainy day. (II) First, Allison left the house in the morning to go to school. (III) Then, her parents went to the office. (IV) When they came back in the evening, they realized that their house was flooded. (V)After that, they invited their friends to celebrate this event.

Verilen metinde anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi işaretleyiniz.

A) I
E) V


10-12. soruları aşağıda verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

We arrived in Barcelona on Friday. First, we went to the hotel that was comfortable but expensive. Next morning we went to the city centre and visited the stunning Sagrada Familia Basilica. Then we take a walk in the Park Güell. It’s the most fascinating park I've ever seen.

On the second day, we first visited Nou Camp. It's the home of FC Barcelona and one of the most famous football stadiums around the world. There, I bought a Barcelona shirt for dad. In the evening, we had a walk along the La Rambla Street that is popular with tourists and restaurants. The pavement cafes and souvenir kiosks in the street were very crowded.

On the last day, we went to an open-air museum, Pable Espanyol. Lastly, we rented a boat and took a trip on the lake in the Ciutadella Park. The scenery there was breathtaking.

They went to the - - - - before the Park Güell.

A) Nou Camp
B) Ciutedalla Park
C) La Rambla Street
D) Poble Espanyol
E) Sagrada Familia Basilica


The writer thinks the Park Güell is very - - - -.

A) loaded
B) charming
C) satisfactory
D) extravagant
E) distinguished


How can we understand from the text that the La Rambla is trendy?

A) It was full of visitors.
B) It’s a famous stadium.
C) It’s an open-air museum.
D) It has a wonderful scenery.
E) It was comfortable but expensive.