TEST : Online - 11. Sınıf back to the life testi

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Online - 11. Sınıf back to the life testi çöz.


1 - 12. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

If you don't _______ me about the deadline of the project, I can forget about it.

A) remember
B) remove
C) remind
D) request
E) realise


If Mateo hadn't been ill, he _______ to school.

A) would have come
B) has had come
C) had had come
D) will have come
E) had been come


My best friend Ryan is supportive; he _______ whenever I need help.

A) takes it to heart
B) turns a deaf ear
C) breaks my heart
D) backs me up
E) gets a part


Benjamin wishes he _______ sunscreen before he went
to the beach.

A) applied
B) applies
C) was applying
D) has applied
E) had applied


I wish my son _______ more for the exams, he got low
marks again.

A) studied
B) studies
C) had studied
D) has studied
E) could study


I wish I _______ so much spicy meals last night.

A) didn't eat
B) don't eat
C) won't eat
D) could eat
E) hadn't eat


In order to prevent hackers from _______ your computers you should use antivirus programmes.

A) sneaking into
B) tapping out
C) setting up
D) ending up
E) getting up


The plane had _______ before their arrival.

A) set up
B) taken off
C) missed
D) run away
E) gone into


If Elizabeth had studied harder, she _______.

A) would have missed the bus
B) wouldn't have been ill
C) would have got better marks
D) wouldn't have called the police
E) would have failed in the exam


If I hadn't got late to the school, _______.

A) the teacher would have worried about me
B) my father would have got angry with me
C) I would have gone to bed earlier
D) I would have taken the exam
E) I wouldn't have been overweight


If _______, I wouldn't have succeeded it.

A) you hadn't backed me up
B) I had been more punctual
C) the manager had had a car
D) she had been more optimistic
E) the students had played online games


If they hadn't used their mobile phones in the class,_______.

A) the teacher would have bought a new car
B) I would have studied maths at night
C) she wouldn't have liked her gift
D) I wouldn't have been overweight
E) they wouldn't have been punished