TEST : Online - 11. Sınıf ingilizce future jobs testi

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11. Sınıf ingilizce future jobs konu değerlendirme testi çöz.


Diyalogda numaralanmış yerlere uygun gelen seçeneği işaretleyiniz. 1 - 3. soruları diyaloğa göre cevaplayınız.

Secretary : Good Morning, Boston Law Office?
Jeremy : I would like to book an _______(1) to see my lawyer, Mr. Sambell.
Secretary : Well, he is _______(2) on Friday at 3 p.m.
Jeremy : Friday _______(3) me. Thanks a lot.
Secretary : You’ re welcome. See you soon.

A) entertainment
B) establishment
C) encouragement
D) appointment
E) advertisement


A) responsible
B) available
C) sustainable
D) valuable
E) flexible


A) suits
B) quits
C) completes
D) waits
E) picks


There will be a huge amount of increase in lightning strikes by 2100 _______, according to a scientific report.

A) if you look at the sky
B) if global warming continues
C) when the weather is sunny
D) you have to take an umbrella
E) if you read the thesis on this problem


I hope robots will _______ all the hosework in the near future.

A) doing
B) does
C) done
D) do
E) did


Before you have applied for that job, the company _______ check your CV and police record.

A) will
B) is being
C) being
D) is going
E) was


Martin and Susan are going to take a tour to Singapore. They hope they _______.

A) had a lot of fun
B) will have a good time there
C) want to live on a tropical island
D) bought a new house by the sea
E) were planning to study for their exams


Jennifer : Are you doing anything this weekend?
Arthur : I don't have any plan. I will spend the whole weekend at home.
Jennifer : _______ We can see a movie or have a cup of coffee at a café.
Arthur : Great idea!

A) I'll rest at home, too.
B) I'm looking for a part-time job.
C) You will get on well with people.
D) How about working at the office?
E) Let's meet on Saturday afternoon!


A candidate is _______.

A) one of a group of people who work together
B) a group of people who work for an organization
C) a job that is available for someone to do
D) a person who is applying for a job
E) period of work time in a business


By 2055, scientists _______ a complete solution to the problems of global warming.

A) is being found
B) have found
C) been found
D) will have found
E) will founding


Agnes : Hi Elspeth! What about cycling?
Elspeth : Hi Agnes! I'd love to but I have to finish my project work. _______.
Agnes : That's OK. I will call you next week.

A) Unfortunately, I don't like outdoor activities
B) Ann is good at cycling. I think you invite her
C) I have already planned a meeting with my teachers
D) What about visiting Foça? We can also visit historic places
E) By this time next week, I will have finished it. We can meet, then


William : _______?
Connor : I can't afford it.
William : What do you mean by that?
Connor : I won't have saved enough money by this March.

A) Are you going to buy a new car
B) What do you think about spring
C) Are you going to look for a new job
D) Have you ever been to Italy in March
E) What time will you wake up next morning