TEST : Online - 11. Sınıf ingilizce open your heart testi

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11. Sınıf ingilizce open your heart konu değerlendirme testi çöz.


1 - 6. sorularda boş bırakılan yerlere uygun gelen kelime veya ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Mary hasn't come yet. She _______.

A) shouldn't have cooked so spicy
B) might have taken her umbrella
C) should have won the lottery
D) must have missed the bus
E) can't have known you


The boy was still trembling. He _______ have been frightened.

A) couldn't
B) shouldn't
C) should
D) can't
E) must


Aria was crying when I met her at the dormitory. _______.

A) Something bad might have been happened
B) She must have won the chess tournament
C) It should have been an ordinary day
D) Everything must have been okay
E) She can't have seen me


I feel terribly bad today and I have a fever also. I should _______.

A) be more patient with my kids
B) driven the car more carefully
C) have talked about my problems
D) have worn my coat when I go outside
E) stayed at home and finish my homework


He is 'walking on air' means _______.

A) there is bad news for him
B) his behaviours are bad
C) it is late to go out
D) he is very happy
E) he is frightened


I'm so inactive nowadays. I think I should _______ a walk in the park for a while.

A) make
B) take
C) get
D) be
E) up


It's so difficult and critical but I must _______ a decision.

A) make
B) have
C) get
D) do
E) be


8 - 10. sorularda, verilen cümleye anlamca en yakın cümleyi işaretleyiniz.

That man shouldn't have thrown rubbish on the streets.

A) If you throw rubbish on the streets, you will be punished
B) It was a wrong behaviour to make the streets dirty
C) People must clean their houses and outside
D) It's possible to see rubbish on the streets
E) Seeing trash on the streets is annoying


If he didn't have a good mark, his father wouldn't give him a gift.

A) He tried hard to get a high mark but his father couldn't persuade him
B) As he was a hardworking student, his parents always give him gifts
C) Unless he had a good mark, his father won't give him a present
D) Though he failed in the exam, his father congratulated him
E) Whenever he gets a good mark, his father is proud of him


He might have been less dismissive of my talents if he could have seen my latest achievements.

A) He was so rude that he didn't even understand my success and skills.
B) I wanted him to be aware of my success and skills, but he was far away from me.
C) If I had shown him how much I was skilled, he had to be recognize my achievements.
D) I thought him as a tolerant man, but he was so proud that he even ignored my success.
E) He hadn't been aware of my recent accomplishments,
so he didn't care about my skills.


11 - 12. sorularda, cümleyi tamamlamak için uygun gelen ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

If she had removed the bandage on his cut more carefully, _______.

A) she wouldn't have hurt the boy
B) our car wouldn't have broken down
C) my mother would have cooked soup
D) the teacher wouldn't have thanked us
E) we would have never had an accident


The company manager can't form healthy relationships because _______.

A) the company conducts a serious work
B) he is interested in music and art
C) people must regard each other
D) he lacks empathy for others
E) they want too much money