TEST : Online - 5. Sınıf ingilizce health testi

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Online - 5. Sınıf ingilizce health değerlendirme testi çöz.


1 – 4. sorularda verilen boşluklara uygun gelen ifadeyi görsele göre işaretleyiniz.

Andrew has a - - - -.

A) fever
B) backache
C) runny nose
D) pain in his ear


Charlotte is - - - -.

A) at the pharmacy
B) at the dentist's
C) in the library
D) in her bed


Robert can't play football because he - - - -.

A) has a broken leg
B) has to work hard
C) is bad at football
D) hates doing sports


Sophia has - - - -.

A) a broken arm
B) the measles
C) a cough
D) the flu


5 – 8. sorularda verilen karşılıklı konuşmalarda yer alan boşluklara uygun gelen ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Murphy : What's the matter with you?
Lee : I feel cold.
Murphy : You should - - - -.

A) get a blanket
B) drink cold water
C) buy some tissues
D) use a thermometer


Doctor : You have a high fever. You need some medicine.
Lucy : - - - -?
Doctor : No. You should stay in bed.
Lucy : Thank you very much.

A) Can I drink mint and lemon tea
B) Do I need to take medicine
C) What about having a rest
D) Can I go to school


Dylan : What's the matter with you?
Mateo : I have a terrible toothache.
Dylan : You should - - - -.

A) eat candies
B) visit the dentist
C) drink cold water
D) brush your teeth


Susanne : I have a terrible headache. I can't do my homework.
Doctor : Don't worry. - - - - and have a rest.

A) Feel tired
B) Get well soon
C) Take your pills
D) You're welcome


9 – 12. sorularda verilen cümlelerde yer alan boşluklara uygun gelen ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Bob has the measles. He - - - -.

A) shouldn't eat fruit
B) should see a dentist
C) should brush his teeth
D) shouldn't go to the school


Meg feels terrible today. She has a fever. She needs some tissues because she wants to - - - -.

A) clean her runny nose
B) buy some medicine
C) sleep in her bed
D) see a doctor


Mr. Carter - - - -, so he can't carry heavy things.

A) should eat vegetables
B) has a backache
C) stays at home
D) is very fat


Rose has a sore throat and she feels terrible today. So, she shouldn't - - - -.

A) buy some tissues
B) drink cold things
C) take some medicine
D) sleep a lot