TEST : Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Future Tense ( May - Can - Could ) Testi

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Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Future Tense ( May - Can - Could ) Testi


A: Did you write the letter.
B: No, I ...................... soon.

A) Won't write
B) Could write
C) Will write
D) Am Write


A: It is very cold. .......................?
B: Ok.

A) You will close the window
B) Can you open the door
C) Would you close the window
D) Could you open the door


A: Have you bought the present?
B: No I haven't ................. today.

A) I will buy
B) I will bought
C) I won't bought
D) I am buy


Find the mistake.

A) Can you closed the windows?
B) Would you help me, please?
C) Could you carry this box?
D) May I use the phone?


Find the mistake.

A) I won't sent the letter today.
B) Mary will paint the fence.
C) Will you be late?
D) Suzan won't come with us.


Find the correct sentence.

A) Can your mother be make a coke?
B) Could you answered the phone, please?
C) May I ask a question?
D) Would you be take my photo?


Odd one out. ( Farklı olanı seçiniz )

A) What
B) Would
C) Which
D) How


Make a sentence.
I / John / come / the party / am / afraid / won't / to

A) John afraid I am won't come to the party.
B) I am come John won't afraid to the party.
C) I am afraid John won't come to the party.
D) I am John afraid won't come to the party.


I ............ iron the clothes but Tina .............

A) Wil / won't           B) Can't / can't
C) Won't / can't        D) Will / can


Find the mistake.

A) John will be late today.
B) My sister will not help my homework.
C) I think John won't be arrive.
D) Will you complete the work today?


Odd one out. ( Farklı olanı seçiniz )

A) May
B) Could
C) Who
D) Would


Make a sentence.
Think / Mike / will / the exam / pass / I

A) Mike think I will pass the exam.
B) I think Mike will pass the exam.
C) I will pass the exam Mike think.
D) I will think Mike pass the exam.


A: I am thirsty.

A) May you drink my water
B) Can I drink your water
C) I can drink the water
D) Would you drink water


Burak .......... yet.
I am afraid ............ he today.

A) Hasn't came / won't come
B) Hasn't come / won't come
C) Has come / won't come
D) Has come / will come


You are in a restaurant. You are thirsty. The waiter is waiting foryou. What do you say?

A) Can I have a big sandwich?
B) Would you like to sit?
C) Can I have a glass of water?
D) Could you bring me a pizza, please?


Semra ............ here but I ............. .

A) Will stay / will
B) Won't stay / will
C) Won't stay / won't
D) Can't / won't


A: Did Tom paint the fence?
B: No he .......... paint today.
He ............ paint it tomorrow.

A) Will / will                B) Won't / will
C) Can't / won't          D) Won't / won't


Afraid / I / you / fail / will / am / the exam

A) I am afraid you will fail the exam.
B) I am fail you will afraid the exam.
C) I am you will fail the exam afraid.
D) You afraid I am will fail the exam.


Odd one out.

A) Put
B) Sit
C) Had
D) Cut


Find the mistake.

A) Selim will not pass the exam.
B) Will you be here in the evening?
C) I won't carried the boxes.
D) She won't help us.