TEST : Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Passive Voice, Simple Present Tense Testi 1

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Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Passive Voice, Simple Present Tense Testi 1


Find the mistake.

A) I like painting picture.
B) Eda hate swimming.
C) Do you like listening to music?
D) I don't like watching TV.


What ........ this shirt ........... ?

A) Is / made of         B) Is / made in
C) Does / made of    D) Does / made in


Find the correct sentence.

A) Is chair made of wood?
B) Where are cars be produced?
C) Are fork made of metal?
D) Where is roses grown?


Find the pst participle form of the verb "SHOW"

A) Show
B) Shown
C) Showed
D) Showt


Make a sentence:
The house / everyday / clean

A) The house cleaned everyday.
B) The house is clean everyday.
C) The house is cleaned everyday.
D) The house cleans everyday.


Make a sentence:
Rice / in Tosya / grow

A) Rice is grown in Tosya.
B) Rice is growed in Tosya.
C) Rice is grow in Tosya.
D) Rice grown in Tosya.


Find the past participle form of "TEACH"

A) Teached
B) Teachied
C) Taught
D) Thought


Find the mistake.

A) What do you hate doing most?
B) Do your children like drinking milk?
C) Does George like swimming?
D) Who does like playing football?


French .......... ............ in France.

A) Is / speak
B) Are / spoke
C) Is / spoken
D) Is / spoke


Make a question acording to underlined word.
The car is washed at the weekends.

A) When the car is washed?
B) Is the car washed at the weekends?
C) When is the car washed?
D) Is washed the car at the weekends?


People .......... ........... holiday.

A) Likes / having          B) Are like / having
C) Is like / having        D) Like / having


I ....... singing song but Mary .......... .

A) Don't like / does
B) Like / does
C) Don't like / don't
D) Like / do


Find the correct sentence.

A) Who does hate swimming?
B) Selim hate playing tennis.
C) Do they like jogging?
D) He don't like writing letter.


Find the mistake.

A) We like playing football.
B) She don't like chocolate.
C) I hate climbing.
D) Does she hate listening to music?


A: ....................... ?
B: It is grown in Adana.

A) Where cotton is grown.
B) Is cotton grown in Adana.
C) Where is cotton grown.
D) Is grown cotton in Adana.


What ......... you like .......... in the mornings?

A) Is / do             B) Do / eating
C) Are / eat         D) Are / eating


What ........ ........... in this lesson?

A) Is / learn        B) Are / learn
C) Is / learnt       D) Is / learning


Find the mistake.

A) Is tea grow in Rize?
B) Towels are made in Bursa.
C) Furniture is made of wood.
D) Are papers made from wood?


Make a sentence.
The flowers / everyday / water

A) The flowers water everyday.
B) The flowers is water everyday.
C) The flowers are watered everyday.
D) The flower is watered everyday.


A: ........................ ?
B: Yes it does.

A) Do you like dancing
B) Does your cat like drinking milk
C) Do you hate cycling
D) Does John like playing guitar?