TEST : Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Present Perfect Tense ( May - Can ) Testi 1

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Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Present Perfect Tense ( May - Can ) Testi 1


You are working at the airport. You want to check passport of the woman. How do you say?

A) Can I see your passport.
B) May I see your passport, lady?
C) Show me your passport.
D) Where is your passport?


You are at the cinema. There is a seat near a woman. You want to sit there. How do you say?

A) Can Isit here, dear?
B) I will sit here.
C) Stand up, we will sit here.
D) May I sit here?


.......... Andy ........... the files?

A) Have / check
B) Has / check
C) Has / checked
D) Did / checked


Make a sentence.
My sister / yet / home / come

A) My sister has come home yet.
B) My sister haven'tcome home yet.
C) My sister has yet come home.
D) My sister hasn't come home yet.


I have ......... ......... her.

A) Already / saw    B) Never / saw
C) Just / seen        D) Yet / seen


Find the mistake.

A) George hasn't phoned us yet.
B) Has your brother studied the exam?
C) Mr. Black has checked the files.
D) Have you meet that girl?


A: Let's drink coffee.
B: No, thanks. ................ .

A) I have never drink coffee
B) I have already drunk
C) I haven't drunk, yet
D) I haven't just drunk


A: Excuse me sir, ..................... ?
B: Yes please.I want to book a room.

A) Can I help you, man
B) I will help you
C) How I can help you
D) May I help you


Find the correct sentence.

A) I have never go abroad.
B) Has your sister just come?
C) She has never eaten sushi.
D) My children has broken the vase.


Odd one out ( Farklı olanı seçiniz )

A) Bought
B) Send
C) Sold
D) Learnt


Find the past participle form ofthe verb "MAKE"

A) Made
B) Maked
C) Maded
D) Makeed


Make a sentence.
Break / glasses / my / who / ?

A) Who have broken my glasses?
B) Who did broke my glasses?
C) Who has broke my glasses?
D) Who has broken my glasses?


Find the past participle form of "BRING"

A) Baught
B) Bringed
C) Brought
D) Bringt


A: Mum, ...................... ?
B: Ok, dear. Wait please.

A) May I make a sandwich
B) Can you make me a sandwich
C) Make me a sandwich
D) I am hungry


Find the past participle form of "SAY"

A) Said
B) Sayed
C) Saied
D) Sayt


Make a sentence.
The children / a bag / find

A) The children has found a bag.
B) The children havefinded a bag.
C) The children have found a bag.
D) The children has finded a bag.


Haven't you written the letter .......... ?
I have ............... written it.

A) Yet / already
B) Just / already
C) Just / never
D) Ever/ yet


Find the correct sentence:

A) Who have come.
S) Have you learn the news?
C) My sister haven't finished the work.
D) Joe hasn't slept, yet.


Find past participle form of "PUT"

A) Put
B) Puted
C) Putted
D) Pat


Find the mistake.

A) I have never seen a kangroo.
B) Sue has just gone.
C) Mary has already postthe letter.
D) Who has finished the report?