TEST : Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Present Perfect Tense ( May - Can ) Testi

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Online 7. Sınıf İngilizce Present Perfect Tense ( May - Can ) Testi


Have you arrived home .......... ?

A) Yet
B) Just
C) Never
D) Already


A: Did you complete your work?
B: .......................... .

A) I already complete it
B) I have just complete it
C) I haven't complete it, yet
D) I have already completed it


Make a question acording to underlined word.
No, I haven't phoned him.

A) Who has phoned him?
B) Have you phoned him?
C) Why have you phoned him?
D) When have you phoned him?


Make a sentence:
Your father / arrive / home / ?

A) Have your father arrived home?
B) Has your father arrived home?
C) Did your father arrived home?
D) Is your father arrive home?


Odd one out ( Farklı olanı seçiniz )

A) Wrote
B) sent
C) Gone
D) Done


Odd one out ( Farklı olanı seçiniz )

A) Lent
B) Find
C) Cut
D) Sing


............. Mustafa ........... the vase?

A) Have / broken
B) Have / broke
C) Did / broke
D) Has / broken


Make a sentence:
Jack and Tom / not / write / report

A) Jack and Tom hasn't written the report.
B) Jack and Tom hasn't write the report.
C) Jack and Tom haven't written the report.
D) Jack and Tom haven't write the report.


I ......... the exam yet but John ......... .

A) Haven't studied / has
B) Have studied / has
C) Has studied / haven't
D) Hasn't study / have


Odd one out ( Farklı olanı seçiniz )

A) Played
B) Studied
C) Spent
D) Watched


I can't find my pen, Sally ...... ?

A) May I lend yours
B) Can you lend me yours
C) Give me your pen
D) I will buya new one


A: Excuse me, ............ ?
B: Of course.

A) May I use the phone
B) Can I use the phone
C) I will phone your later
D) Where is the phone


You / the letter / post / ?

A) Did you posted the letter?
B) Has you posted the letter
C) Have you posted the letter?
D) Are you post the letter


Student : .................... ?
Teacher: Ok. Come and sit please.

A) May I come in.
B) Can I come in.
C) May I go to toilet.
D) Can I go out.


You can't find your dictionary. You want to use your friend's dictionary.
What do you say?

A) Where is my dictionary?
B) Did you take my dictionary?
C) I will your dictionary.
D) Can I use your dictionary?


Odd one out ( Farklı olanı bulunuz )

A) Live
B) Send
C) Find
D) Met


A: Are you going to paint the walls?
B: No, .......................... .

A) I have already painted them
B) I have just paint them
C) I haven't paint, yet
D) I am panit it


Make a sentence:
Your / arrive / brother / airport / yet / ?

A) Have your brother arrived the airport, yet?
B) Has your brother arrived yet at the airport?
C) Have your brother yet arrive the airport?
D) Has your brother arrived at the airport, yet?


Odd one out ( Farklı olanı bulunuz )

A) Sometime
B) Already
C) Usually
D) Always


My friends ......... ............ to my birthday, yet.

A) Haven't / come
B) Hasn't / come
C) Haven't / come
D) Hasn't / came