TEST : Online - 8. sınıf İngilizce teog 1. dönem sınavı testi

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2015 - 2016 8. sınıf İngilizce dersi 1. Dönem TEOG sınavı sorularıdır.


1 - 9. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

Rose : - - - - ?
Paula : No, thanks. I’m not hungry.

A) What about listening to music
B) Would you like some cookies
C) Why don’t you have a rest
D) Shall we meet after school


Mark: - - - - ?
Jerry: I usually listen to music, go to the cinema, meet my friends and visit my grandparents.

A) When do you visit your parents
B) Where do you go on your holidays
C) How do you spend your weekends
D) How often do you meet your friends


Diana: - - - - ?
Cem : We usually fry or bake it. We sometimes grill it, too.

A) How do you usually cook fish
B) Can you heat the oven for me
C) Do you have a cooker at home
D) What are the ingredients of a pizza


Mel : - - - - ?
Joe : We usually have cheese, eggs and orange juice.

A) When do you have breakfast
B) Who prefers having breakfast
C) Where do you have breakfast
D) What do you have for breakfast


Thomas: Hey Mike! Let’s go for a walk tonight?
Mike : Thanks, but - - - - .

A) I am going to join you
B) that is quite impressive
C) I prefer staying at home
D) that really sounds better


Carl : We are going to try zorbing with friends this weekend. What about joining us?
Maggie: - - - - . I’m not really into these kinds of sports.

A) That is fine for me
B) I think it’s ridiculous
C) It’s my favorite activity
D) That may be a good idea


My school is far away from our house - - - - .

A) if I hardly ever walk to school
B) after I go to school in the morning
C) so I take the bus to school every day
D) because I like riding my bike to school


Amy always gets on well with her classmates.
However, - - - - .

A) she sometimes prefers staying alone
B) they have a lot of things in common
C) they share similar likes and dislikes
D) she always counts on her friends


A) It starts on Sunday
B) I’d love to come
C) Just call on me
D) Good bye


10 - 11. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen seçeneği verilen resme göre işaretleyiniz.

A) seat      B) tire
C) chain    D) handlebar


Put the - - - - on the cooker.

A) tea towel B) mixing bowl
C) rolling pin D) frying pan


Yukarıda verilen tabloya göre doğru seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

A) Nina and Curtis don’t like comedies.
B) Jeremy loves thrillers but not romances.
C) Curtis loves thrillers but Jeremy doesn’t.
D) Diana loves romances but not sci-fi movies.


13 - 14. sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen seçeneği aşağıda verilen bilgilere göre işaretleyiniz.

Step 1 Pre-heat the oven to 180°C.
Step 2 Mix the eggs and sugar in a bowl.
Step 3 Add some oil, milk, flour and baking
Step 4 Mix all the ingredients and pour the
mixture into a pan.
Step 5 Place it into the oven and bake it for
about thirty minutes.
Step 6 Leave it to cool for ten minutes before

We - - - - before we add the other ingredients.

A) bake it for thirty minutes
B) let it cool for ten minutes
C) pour the mixture into a pan
D) mix the eggs and sugar in a bowl


After we pour the mixture into a pan,
we - - - - .

A) put it into the oven
B) mix all the ingredients
C) add some baking powder
D) take it out after 10 minutes


15 - 16 - 17. soruları aşağıda verilen karşılıklı konuşmalara göre cevaplayınız.

Amy refuses the invitation because - - - - .

A) she will go to another party
B) she has nothing better to do
C) she is going to meet her friends
D) she goes to the gym at the weekends


Who accepts the invitation?

A) Jenny     B) Angela
C) Sarah     D) Amy


Sarah isn’t going to attend the party
because - - - - .

A) she is always very honest
B) she is busy at the weekend
C) she really dislikes barbecues
D) she feels quite good at home


18 - 19 - 20. soruları aşağıda verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

Emily likes reading a book or a magazine at home in her free time. Classical music is her favorite type of music. She thinks it is very impressive. However, she can’t stand rock music.

Tom is good at playing soccer. He often watches comedy movies at home. He really enjoys hanging out with friends. He usually meets them on Sundays.

Jane’s favorite activity is to go to a shopping mall. She likes watching fashion shows. She never buys casual clothes. She thinks they are not trendy.

Emily - - - - .

A) usually goes to a rock concert
B) really likes classical music
C) never reads book at home
D) thinks rock is very trendy


Tom - - - - .

A) never plays soccer with his friends
B) thinks casual clothes are impressive
C) hardly ever watches a comedy movie
D) spends time with his friends on Sundays


Jane - - - - .

A) doesn’t prefer wearing casual clothes
B) never wants to go to a shopping mall
C) can’t stand watching fashion shows
D) reads magazines in her free time