TEST : Online 6. Sınıf İngilizce Must - Mustn't, Imperatives Testi 2

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Online 6. Sınıf İngilizce Must - Mustn't, Imperatives Testi 2


You are over weight. .............................

A) You must eat fatty food
B) You must go on a diet.
C) You mustn't make sport
D) You mustn't cansume vegetables


.................. . I am going to sleep

A) Please speak loudly
B) Turn off the light please
C) Give me the book please
D) Please open the curtains


We .................. old people in public buses.

A) mustn't give our seats
B) must give our seats
C) must talk to
D) mustn't talk to


........................, please. The baby is sleeping.

A) Don't speak loudly
B) Don't speak slowly
C) Don't be quiet
D) Shout at


What does this picture mean?

A) You mustn't smoke here
B) Be quiet
C) Don't park here
D) Don't walk on the grass


it is very cold. We ........... our coats

A) must wear
B) mustn't wear
C) must take off
D) can't take off


We ......... and we ............ the teacher during the lesson.

A) must talk / must listen to
B) mustn't talk / mustn't listen to
C) mustn't talk / must listen to
D) must talk / mustn't listen to


What / you / do / in libraries / ?

A) What you do in libraries?
B) What must you do in libraries?
C) What you must do in libraries?
D) What you can do in librarires?


Find the mistake ( Hatalı olanı bulunuz )

A) I must be at school at eight o'clock
B) You must go to bed. it is late
C) Must you go to "work early?"
D) Where we must go now?


Who must wear uniform at schools ?

A) Students
B) Teachers
C) Headmaster
D) Visitors


What mustn't we do in libraries ?

A) We mustn't speak loudly
B) We mustn't study
C) We mustn't read book
D) We mustn't walk


Find the mistake ( Hatalı olanı bulunuz )

A) We mustn't drive carefully
B) We mustn't make noise in the class
C) We must drink milk for our health
D) We mustn't speak laudly in libraries


We ............... the grass

A) must keep off       B) mustn't keep of
C) can't keep off       D) are keep off


We ................ after the meal.

A) mustn't wash our hands .
B) can't wash our hands
C) must brush our teeth
D) mustn't brush our teeth


Sinem is tired, what must she do ?

A) She must go to bed
B) She must take an aspirin
C) She must walk fast
D) She must call the police


John has got a toothache. What must he do ?

A) He must go to the cinema
B) He must sleep early
C) He must drink cold water
D) He must go to a dentist


A: ...................., it is rainy.

A) Put off your raincoat
B) Take an umbrella
C) Open the windows
D) Wear your t-shirt


Make a question according to underlined word
I must be at school at eight o'clock

A) Where must you be at eight o'clock?
B) Who must be at school at eight o'clock?
C) What time must you be at school?
D) Why must you be at school?


What/ not/you/do/inclasses/?

A) What you can't do in classes?
B) What mustn't you do in classes?
C) What you mustn't do in classes?
D) What aren't you do in classes?


You want to see historical things. Where must you go?

A) Hospitals       B) Museums
C) Libraries       D) Schools