TEST : Online - 6. Sınıf İngilizce Must - Mustn't, Imperatives Testi

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Online - 6. Sınıf İngilizce Must - Mustn't, Imperatives Testi


Mother: The dinner is ready but _______ first
Children: Ok, mum.

A) you must go to school
B) you must sleep
C) you must watch TV
D) you must wash your hands


We ............... the rules in society.

A) are obey         B) aren't obey
C) must obey      D) mustn't obey


Elif is tired. What must she do?

A) She must study hard
B) She must make sport
C) She must tidy her room
D) She must have a rest


We ............. in parks.

A) must cycle
B) are cycle
C) mustn't walk on the grass
D) must walk on the grass


The weather is cold. We ..............

A) must put on our coats
B) are wear our gloves
C) mustn't put on our coats
D) aren't wear our gloves


A: I am going out
B: Our neighbours will visit us. ................

A) You must come at night
B) You mustn't be late
C) You must turn off the light
D) You mustn't come early


What mustn't we eat to save our health?

A) yoghurt        B) vegetables
C) fruit             D) fried food


Where/we/go/ ?

A) Where are we go?     B) Where must we go?
C) Where we must go?  D) Where we are go?


We .............. for our health.

A) must make sport
B) must smoke
C) mustn't work
D) mustn't go to bad early


We ............. at hospitals.

A) must be quite      B) must walk
C) must sing songs  D) must run


What / do / I / pass / to / the exam / ?

A) What I do to pass the exam?
B) What I must do to pass the exam?
C) What I do to must pass the exam?
D) What must I do to pass the exam?


We ........... every month.

A) must do our homework
B) must make sport
C) must pay the bills
D) must eat something


We ................ in museums.

A) must run fast
B) must eat something
C) mustn't touch anything
D) must speak


Teacher: it is very hot. ................. please

A) Clear the board  B) Turn off the light
C) Close the door   D) Open the windows


What does this picture mean?

A) Don't put on grass
B) Don't speak
C) Don't smoke
D) Don't touch


What does this picture mean?

A) Don't touch
B) Dont cycle here
C) Don't smoke
D) Don't speak laudly


What must we drink for our health?

A) Coffee   B) Milk
C) Tea       D) Coke


Find the mistake ( hatalı olanı bulunuz )

A) We must wash our hands before meal
B) We must listen to the teacher
C) We must cansume fatty food
D) We mustn't smoke


We ......... at the red light when driving car.

A) must stop       B) must pass
C) mustn't stop   D) mustn't pass


You ................. . You have an exam tomorrow.

A) must sleep late
B) must watch the film
C) must study hard
D) help your mother