TEST : Online - 6. sınıf ingilizce occupations (meslekler) testi

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Online 6. sınıf ingilizce occupations (meslekler) testi çöz.


I am a talior. I cut and sew fabrics ........

a) I cook delicious meals
b) I make clothes 
c) I draw building plans
d) I design hair


My uncle is an artist. .................

a) He mends electrical devices.
b) He looks after the patients.
c) He drives people to different places.
d) He paints wonderful pictures.


Susan : Look ! This is my aunt in this photo.
Jane : She is beatiful. ........... ?
Susan : She is a nurse in New York.

a) what does she do 
b) where was she born
c) who does she live with
d) When did she become a nurse


Kate : Do you like your job ?
Mr. Smith : Yes, I love it.
Kate : ................. ?
Mr. Smith : Yes, I usually work in an office.

a) What do you do at work
b) When do you start work
c) Do you work inside
d) Do you wear a uniform


I am a hairdresser. ...................

a) I can mend electrical devices
b) I can dye and style hair
c) I can organize meetings
d) I can teach new things at school


My school isn't close to my house. ....................... . I always take the bus.

a) I can't walk in the morning
b) I can't climb the mountains
c) I can't swim well in the pool
d) I can't write letters and emails


I am a pilot. (I) I wear a uniform and go to the airport. (II) I check everythig before I fly. (III) Planes are faster than trains. (IV) I have a short meeting with the crew and the flight starts.

Yukarıda numaralandırılmış cümlelerden hangisi anlam bütünlüğünü bozmaktadır?

A) I         B) II          C) III           D) IV

I - A doctor a) works at a school
II - A teacher b) flies planes
III - A pilot c) writes prescriptions
IV - a mechanic d) repairs cars

Tabloda verilen ifadelerin doğru eşleştirildiği seçeneği işaretleyiniz ?

a) I - c  II - a  III - d  IV - b
b) I - c  II - a  III - b  IV - d
c) I - b  II - a  III - d  IV - c
d) I - a  II - c  III - b  IV - d  


10 - 12. soruları verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

Hasan is twenty eight years old. He is a technician at a school close to house. He gets up early and walks to work every day. He doesn't wear a uniform. He starts work at 9 a.m. and stops at 4 p.m. He mends all the electrical devices at school. He became a technician in 2010 but he came to this school in 2014. He worked at a different primary school between 2010 and 2014.

What does Hasan do ?

a) He started work in 2010.
b) He is 28 years old.
c) He is a technician.
d) He is a primary school student.


What does he do at work ?

a) He walks to school.
b) He wears a uniform.
c) He stops work at 4 p.m.
d) He repairs electrical devices.


Which is true?

a) Hasan is a very old man.
b) He works 7 hours every day.
c) He became a technician 2 years ago.
d) He drives to work every morning.


She works in an office. She writes letters and e-mails. She answers the phones. She doesn't wear a uniform.

Verilen metne göre doğru seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

a) She is a nurse.
b) She is a housewife.
c) She is a mechanic.
d) She is a secretary.