TEST : Online - 6. Sınıf İngilizce Must - Mustn't, Imperatives Testi 1

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Online - 6. Sınıf İngilizce Must - Mustn't, Imperatives Testi 1


Selin is ill, ................

A) We must visit her
B) She must call us
C) We mustn't help her
D) She mustn't go to a doctor.


The room is in a mess, ................ please.

A) Open the windows please   B) tidy it
C) shut the door                    D) go out


.............. , it is very hot.

A) Don't drink the coffee
B) Drink the coffee very quickly
C) Don't open the windows
D) Turn on the heater


.............. , please. They are dirty.

A) wash your shirt   B) clean your face
C) clean the room   D) wash your hands


............... , please. It is getting dark.

A) Turn off the light    B) Turn on the light
C) Don't go to bed      D) Do your homework


............... , because it is dangerous.

A) Don't climb
B) Don't watch TV
C) Don't walk on the grass
D) Don't play football


We ............. at schools.

A) must run at the carridors
B) must eat something during the lesson
C) mustn't keep the toilets clean
D) must obey the rules


Altı çizili kelimeyi kullanarak soru oluşturunuz:
Sue must study hard to pass the exam tomorrow.

A) Who must study hard to pass the exam
B) Why must she pass the exam?
C) What must she do to pass the exam?
D) When must she study to pass the exam?


Make a sentence ( Cümle oluşturunuz ) :
How often / we / brush / teeth / ?

A) How often must we brush our teeth?
B) How often we brush our teeth
C) How often we must brush our teeth?
D) How often we can brush our teeth


Where must we go to see wild animals?

A) Museum        B) Zoos
C) Libraries       D) Post offices


We ............ for our health.

A) mustn't eat fruit       B) must eat fried food
C) must make sport     D) mustn't drink water


What must we wear in snowy weather?

A) shirt           B) Slippers
C) Glasses      D) Coat


I ............ . Someone stole my vallet.

A) must call the fireman    B) must go to the hospital
C) must call the police      D) must buy a vallet


What mustn't we do at the cinemas?

A) We mustn't watch the film
B) We mustn't talk laudly
C) We mustn't read anything
D) We mustn't drink anything


............... , please. It is late.

A) Don't wake up    B) Go to your bed
C) Don't speak       D) Come here


............... , please. I will check it.

A) Clean your shoes        B) Give me your bags.
C) Show your passport    D) Cut your hair


What mustn't we wear at schools?

A) Jacket     B) Tie
C) Shoes     D) Pyjamas


We ............... to other people.

A) must fight             B) must shout at
C) mustn't be kind     D) must be polite


Find the mistake. ( Hatalı yazılanı bulunuz )

A) Don't open the door
B) Don't park here
C) Don't talk to each other
D) Don't gave me anything


Find the mistake ( Hatalı yazılanı bulunuz )

A) I must wake up early
B) You must go on a diet
C) Where we must stay
D) Must they wear their uniforms?